A Community Driven Approach Can Help You Thrive

4 October 2018

As humans, we possess an innate desire to connect. Why?

We long to see a part of ourselves, may it be our strengths and challenges or our hopes and dreams, in others around us. It is this very quest for commonality that makes us feel connected to one another and reminds us we are not alone. We naturally yearn to belong. We aspire to be part of a community.

Communities are an interesting element of human society. They can manifest themselves in various aspects of our lives: culture, career, geographical location, to name just a few. Ultimately, a community may be defined as any social unit that shares common traits, this could be in broader sense, sharing values, identity or social norms or it could even be as simple as sharing the same job, interest or hobby.

There is one such community we’d like to shine a spotlight on. One that is growing increasingly popular and revolutionizing the way we function. It is, none other than, the global co-working community.

Currently, there are over 14,000 co-working spaces around the world! In fact, over 1 million people co-worked globally in 2017, that is larger than the population of certain countries. The co-working trend has certainly caught on. Why you may ask? Well, the ability to handpick the environment you work in, the people you surround yourself with and the professional community you choose to belong to seems to appeals significantly more to today’s progressively younger work force. This rings especially true for startups, entrepreneurs and new companies who look to establish a strong company culture from the inception of their business venture.

A community driven approach, in this sense, would mean utilizing your organization as a means to engage with the global co-working community. Essentially, you are considering how your business can benefit from AND add value to the co-working community it chooses to be a part of.

Let’s explore some of the ways a community driven approach can help your business thrive in a co-working community…

Knowledge Bank

We’ve all heard the popular adage, “knowledge is power.” We believe that sharing knowledge can help to empower entire communities. A successful community driven approach relies heavily on this exchange of ideas and information. In order for your business to truly thrive in a co-working space, you must be open to both giving and receiving ideas, advice, criticism and research. Participating in a healthy exchange of resources can be beneficial for all parties involved. It just so happens that co-working spaces give businesses a convenient platform to do so!

Not only do co-working spaces usually have an established network of business connections and investors, they double up as a creative space in which seminars, talks and events transpire. The very nature of these spaces encourage education and foster an open network of innovation and learning.

Furthermore, access to administrative support, a dynamic space and perhaps, most importantly, like-minded individuals, provides fledging businesses with a wealth of knowledge and resources at their fingertips. Since, this knowledge is well-collated and already accessible, businesses can use it promptly, and focus on growth.

Community Connections

We understand that the hardest part of getting your business off the ground, can simply be finding an “in” into the industry you wish to permeate. At times, all you need is to get a foot in the door and discover that one opportunity that gives your business the power to lift off!

This is where co-working spaces come in. They inherently inspire a community driven approach to business. Access to a co-working space gives you the unique opportunity to engage and interact with a diverse business community that could include prospective clients and even potential competitors. You have immediate access to a pool of business savvy individuals who could possibly need or want the products/services you provide. For new businesses, these first few clients can be pivotal to getting up and running.

Furthermore, many co-working communities act as hubs and bring together businesses operating in similar domains. For these kind of spaces, in particular, your business has a chance to observe competitors, mirror their strengths and grow from their challenges. Never before was this a possibility in the workspace.

Either way, a community driven approach will help your business to flourish in a co-working space. After all, you will have the chance to significantly grow your network and build brand awareness.

Lessons Learned

Just as humans evolved over time, growing a successful business is also all about learning, adapting and developing. It’s inevitable that new ventures will encounter challenges and make mistakes, but it’s learning from these mistakes and using these difficulties as growth opportunities that sets apart the businesses that succeed from those and do not.

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